Bo Zhao

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​Bo Zhao is a researcher (Principal Investigator) at Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI). Before, he received Ph.D. from The University of Edinburgh under Prof. Hakan Bilen, and M.Eng. from Peking University under Prof. Yizhou Wang. He was a research intern in Snap Inc. and SenseTime. His research interests include Machine Learning, Data-centric AI, Data-efficient Learning and Meta-learning. He was invited to give talks at Peking University, UBC, Fudan University, RIKEN, A*STAR, et al. He received ICML 2022 Outstanding Paper Award. He was the only nominee of The University of Edinburgh for Informatics-Europe Best Dissertation Award 2023.

News: We are recruiting self-motivated researchers, engineers, interns and PhD students working on Data-centric AI. Collaborations are also welcome. If you are interested, feel free to contact me. 

Research topics include training data optimization/selection, training data synthesis, data-efficient deep learning, continual learning, data denoising, data privacy, adversarial examples, federated learning, meta-learning, et al. We study these topics in context of large-scale model and dataset.


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The second-highest rated paper in ICLR 2021. Ranking.